Customized investment or trade development gatherings in prominent business hubs, such as: New York, London, Abu Dhabi, or Hong Kong.

Comprehensive investment programs in emerging and frontier markets to discover new business opportunities, develop local markets, and connect global industry leaders.

This is a very powerful platform which will stimulate capital allocation and business flows by educating decision makers.

Our team cares about engaging a high-quality audience, selecting the most relevant content and elaborate productive meeting schedules and follow-up.

We cover the main industry sectors worldwide. Please contact us for more information on how to schedule your roadshow or be included in the ongoing programs.




This resource is accessible at any time by your target investors and corporations. It represents a fundamental source of information to perform early due diligence.

Distributed to more than 150,000 world industry leaders, the guide gives insight into how to become positioned as a market leader and create an improved reputation.

Printed and on-line editions are available in various languages with high-quality graphic design and content meaningful to the global investor community.

• Interviews with political and economic leaders

Institutional overviews

Case studies and upcoming projects

• Macro and sectorial economic analysis

Wide range of sectors are covered. This is the information source you cannot miss.




Solutions designed for a specific problem or task. Our team has delivered tailor-made services to develop your business.

Reputation Management: Oriented to corporations and liberal professionals.

Sales Solutions: Providing new strategies.

New markets: Research, business planning, distributor selection, and operations oversight.

Investor Relations: Capital introduction services to specific projects, funds, and companies.

Risk Management: Risks panel, analysis, and policies to mitigate exposure.

Marketing: Design, branding, and web development.

For consulting purposes we count on a network of partners to deal with legal challenges, compliance, resources, design, and creative management.